Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Greening Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue BID

by Joanna Tallantire

Yesterday was Earth Day (the 44th Earth Day, in fact). Since every day is really Earth Day (or should be) the Park Slope Fifth Ave Business Improvement District is launching it’s tree project today! Of the 30 blocks in the BID area, nearly half of them have less than 5 healthy trees per block; that’s both sides of the street! The majority of canopy-less blocks are in the South, below 9th Street.

Trees bring so much to our community. We certainly appreciate our 232 trees when they bloom in the spring and for shade in the summer. More trees will increase the enjoyment for us all when shopping, dining and attending fun BID events like Summer Strollers, Make Music New York and the upcoming Fifth Avenue Fair. But research shows their value goes so much further. Absorbing carbon dioxide from our car emissions; improving air quality; mitigating sound; absorbing storm water thus reducing flooding, even improving safety and thus our overall quality of life.

So to increase the amount of trees in the BID, we are working with the New York Tree Trust. They have investigated a number of blocks in the north, center and south of the BID and will provide a plan of how many trees the Avenue requires, where those trees should be located and an estimate of the cost of tree guards. From there we hope to be able to partner with the Avenue's merchants, property owners and community in putting this plan into place.

This is a long term project, no saplings will appear overnight, but the plan is this:
  • Replace tree stumps and empty tree pits with new trees,
  • Plant new trees,
  • Ask for help from businesses and residents to help care for those trees,
  • Seek support to provide tree guards,
  • Keep the community informed about our tree project.

Million Trees NYC has given us a lot of information on their stewardship scheme, TreeLC. The project encourages caring of trees from all members in the community. Here is a brief summary of the many ways you can be a steward:

Keep the tree pit free of litter, dog waste, stones and bricks. Dog waste, liquid or solid overwhelms the tree, causing trunk burning and throwing the soil nutrient balance. Putting up a sign may help. A TreeLC template is available from the Million Trees NYC library If you can, dig out bricks, to open up the pit. The larger the pit, the more the roots can breathe and the less likely the sidewalk slabs will buckle up. Break up compacted soil, gently, and if able put some mulch around the tree, away from the trunk but spread out to the width of the canopy.

If you have an established street tree, or a new one, you can adopt it. An awesome alternative to a pet, that still needs care and maybe the old chatting to, but you can leave it outside in the cold and rain! Go to the for all the information. Watering will be the main work, but unless exceptionally hot, only once a week!

Foot traffic, dogs, cars, lack of space all help to impact the soil and starve the tree roots of oxygen; tree guards are really worth it. The NY Tree Trust has lots of information about this.

Requesting a Street Tree
Million Trees NYC makes it so easy to request a tree. Go online, fill out the information and they will keep you up to date with the status of your request with an email.

As the old chinese proverb states; “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now”! So help us green the 5th Avenue Business Improvement District in Park Slope. Here are the local hardware stores in the BID that can assist with tools:

Brooklyn Hardware Supply
58 5th Avenue

R&A Houseware
109 5th Ave

Leopaldi Hardware
415 5th Ave

CNS Family Hardware
584 5th Avenue

Park Slope Hardware and Locksmith
593 5th Ave

If you would like anymore information on the 5th Ave BID or the tree project please contact the Director Mark Caserta (

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrate Spring With Stone Park Cafe

Drop by Stone Park Cafe on Wednesday, April 30 any time between 5:30 and 10:00 pm to celebrate the Spring with Muga. Josh Grinker will be preparing a special market menu with Spanish accents to pair with the wines; Robert Voris will be popping the corks and answering questions.

Bodegas Muga has been producing a variety of sparkling, white, rose and red wines in the Rioja region of Spain for three centuries. Their expertise in cultivation and winemaking has been passed through generations, and is apparent in every one of their bottles.

Sound like a great way to celebrate spring? For reservations, please call 718.369.0082.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Fifth Avenue Fair: Less Than One Month Away!

Remember, the city's best street fair, The Fabulous Fifth Avenue Fair, will take place on Sunday, May 18th from 12-6 pm (Sterling to 12th Street).

Make sure to save the date, pray for sunny weather and be there!

Friday, April 18, 2014

News Round-Up

Design the New Park Slope 5th Avenue BID Logo and Win $5,000 [South Slope News]

Uncle Louie G Locations Back Open For the Season [Park Slope Stoop]

Dizzy's Turns Back Room Into Internet Cafe [Here's Park Slope]

J.Crew Opening in Williamsburg, Park Slope by August [Brownstoner]

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brownstone Dog Walkers; More Than Just Dog Walking.

By Joanna Tallantire

It was a delight to meet with Heather Smith of Brownstone Dog Walkers (BDW). She is the enthusiastic, energetic manager of a team, which includes Nevin Edmundson, whom joined us with Toby; their biggest client! Toby is obviously loved and of course is a local 5th Ave celebrity!

Heather tells me BDW is different to other dog walking services, because the team provides dog walking 365 days a year, never walk more than four at a time and boast the lowest prices in the neighborhood. Geoffrey Lewit and Ryan deLorge, the owners of BDW, are locals to Park Slope and certainly are very community spirited. It’s not just about picking up the poop! They undertook a much needed Pet Food drive after Hurricane Sandy, providing much needed supplies to pet owners in the Rockaways. Last year started the Pink Leash Program for Breast Cancer Awareness month; raising money for the American Cancer Society. Other services are puppy visits, cat care and dog sitting.

Check out the website for more info: or call (347) 685-9255. BDW will be at the 5th Avenue Fair, Park Slope on Sunday 18th May, where you can meet some of the walkers!

Speaking of pets, there are a number of wonderful pet businesses in the Park Slope 5th Avenue BID:

218 5th Ave

5th Avenue Cat Clinic
225 5th Avenue

Pet Boutique and Supply
320 5th Avenue

Paws in Paradise
410 5th Avenue

Park Slope Veterinary Care
413 5th Avenue

Petland Discounts
510 5th Avenue

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID Logo Contest!

It's true, there is a little bit of snow on the ground, but rest assured, it's still spring! The Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID is taking advantage of the season to do a bit of sprucing up, starting with their logo! See the posting below, which can also be viewed at

Calling Artists and Graphic Designers!

We're in the market for a brand new Logo to represent The Park Slope Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District (BID)!


Who We Are: The Park Slope Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) runs along Brooklyn's Fifth Avenue from Dean Street adjacent to the Barclays Center, to 18th Street. The BID provides marketing, business support and sanitation services to its 500+ members along the 30-block stretch of Fifth Avenue.

What We're Looking For: A new logo that reflects the Park Slope Fifth Avenue area — a vibrant mix of independently-owned shops, world-class restaurants and popular nightlife spots. The area is hip and it's growing. The logo will be used on the avenue's banners, promotional materials, websites, social media channels and on all BID printed materials.

Contest Dates

Starting Date: April 16, 2014
Deadline: May 16, 2014
Format: PDF or JPG Format via email to
Winning Submission Chosen: June 14, 2014 $5,000 prize